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Professional Voice Overs - Johnny VideoI have recorded hundreds of professional voice overs for radio, commercials, film, television, movie trailers, narration, video games, phone apps, phone prompts, radio station imaging, and other types of promotional voice overs. I’m even (or was) the voice you hear when contestants call in for the popular reality show, The X Factor. So yes Virginia, I do a lot more than Celebrity Voice Impersonations.

My resume states my voice as an “Authoritative, Male Adult 20-80” which obviously is a large range, but if it helps, I am typically hired for voice overs where one might want a Kelsey Grammer, Charlton Heston, Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellan type of voice. Here are some voice over demoscontact information, FAQ and testimonials.

Dialect Voice Overs

Dialect Voice OversSince Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Ricky Gervais are three of my my most well known celebrity voice impersonations, obviously, I am familiar with British Dialects. But I also do Middle Eastern, a Sam Elliot type cowboy voice, and probably a few others I haven’t even thought about yet.


Animation Voice Overs

Animation Voice OversAs someone with over 100 voices in his arsenal, obviously a great number of those are original character voices that I’ve done in animation. However I’ve also been hired to do other voices, including some little franchises out there you may be familiar with called The X-Men (Wolverine, Cyclops, Apocalypse), He-Man & The Masters of the Universe (He-Man, Prince Adam, Skeletor, Beast Man, Man-At-Arms, Cringer, Battle Cat, Mer-Man, Beast-Man), The Simpsons (Moe, Barney, Sideshow Bob), and of course, Batman (Batman, Joker, Mr. Freeze). And remember folks, as any great casting director will tell you, you’re always better off paying one guy to do all of your voices, than you are paying several actors to do one voice each.


More Voice Overs From Johnny Video

I realize not all of you are here because you’re corporate moguls or a film producer, and that some of you’ve heard through the grapevine that I do celebrity voice impersonations for five dollars. Well yes, that’s still true, as long as the script is ten seconds (27 words) or less, although that is the one and only service that I offer, where you’re going to get the best deal by finding me on Fiverr. If your script is longer than that, I still offer the service here, and although it won’t be five bucks, it’s still going to be very inexpensive. Below are a few suggestions.

Funny Voicemail Greetings

Funny Voicemail GreetingsCreate your own personalized voice mail greeting as a funny voice mail message to incoming callers, or have funny voice mail greetings recorded to use as an outgoing message on your answering machine, voice prompts or smartphone. If you’d like to place an order, use the Contact Page to send your script, and make sure you have a PayPal account ready.

Funny Voicemail Messages

Funny Voicemail MessagesUnlike the generic celebrity birthday messages one could find on cassette tape, packaged and tossed into the odds-and-ends bin at their local drugstore, the voice mail messages you create are one hundred percent personalized celebrity voice impersonations. Send these as funny voice mail messages to friends and family members for birthdays, weddings, holidays, or any occasion. When you’re ready to place an order, use the Contact Page to send your script, and make sure you have a PayPal account ready.

Prank Phone Calls

Prank Phone CallsNo, I don’t place the phone call, but, not unlike the funny voice mail messages above, you can also get completely personalized, prank phone calls to leave on the voice mail of an unsuspecting recipient, designed to mislead them into believing that their favorite celebrity accidentally called them. If you’d like to order one, use the Contact Page to send your script, and make sure you have a PayPal account ready.

Celebrity Ringtones

Celebrity RingtonesThere’s no reason to fool around with generic one liners that sound as if they were recorded on a toy cassette recorder held up to a television speaker. If you have a favorite celebrity, no doubt you have a favorite one-liner as well. On the other hand, maybe you would rather hear Alec Baldwin or Matthew McConaughey reciting some Shakespeare instead of using pop music as your ringtone. It’s entirely up to you. If you’re ready to place an order, just send the script on the Contact Page  and make sure you’re signed up with PayPal.

Celebrity Mail Alerts

Celebrity Mail AlertsIf for some outlandish reason, you’re still using AOL as your email program (or know someone who is), perhaps you’re tired of the same old “You’ve Got Mail” voice welcoming you every morning and evening. Maybe you’re a wrestling fan who wants an Ultimate Warrior email alert, or an epic movie buff who wants Richard Burton or Tony Curtis. That’s up to you. If you’re ready to liven up your email, use the Contact Page to send your script, and have a PayPal account ready.


Note: All $5 mp3s are ten seconds or less, limited to one voice, and do not contain background music or special effects of any kind. Furthermore, the rates for the $5 mp3s listed on this page do not apply to any other service, and in no way, shape, or form are meant to imply that my rates for all voice over services are $5 per 10 seconds. All $5 jobs will be charged an additional 4% to cover PayPal fees. If you have questions, feel free to visit my FAQ page.


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