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Johnny Video Bio

Johnny Video - Bio, Resume & Contact FormJohnny “Hollywood” Video began as a fledgling voice talent back in 1981, at the age tender age of fifteen. Influenced almost entirely by SCTV, he began covering a wide range of Celebrity Voice Impersonations and Character Voice Impressions on an amateur level, turning them into small comedy bits on cassette tape for friends and family. The name “Johnny Video” itself  was also originally inspired by an SCTV bit where Rick Moranis played a small time VJ (Video Jockey) named Gerry Todd. Johnny is still performing and recording Original Comedy Sketches and Videos to this day.

Johnny has worn a number of hats throughout his life, and continues to do so to this day. In 1999 Johnny got into the Professional Wrestling Business as a tag team manager, going under the moniker of “Evil Mr. Manager”. Quickly, he became renown for his ‘mike skills’ and his politically incorrect tagline, “The maps are in the glove compartment, the dog is on the porch fetchin’ my slippers, and the wife is in the kitchen… where she belongs!” By 2011, Video took it one step further when he signed on to become one of the on-air personalities for the internationally recognized and award-winning Professional Wrestling Talk Show, Pro Wrestling Weekend.

In 2009, Johnny, who had already been doing voice work for well over 28 years, officially launched Johnny Video Voice Services. Through JVVS, Johnny has written and produced several videos and other works for Smartasses Men’s Magazine, most widely known for having one of the four longest running annual Top 100 Sexiest Women Lists in the world. In February 2013, Vid was able to pull it all together when he became the host for Smartasses Radio, the weekly comedy radio show from Smartasses Men’s Magazine.


Johnny Video Demo Reels

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Johnny Video Resume

Johnny VideoCitizenship: Columbus, OH, USA – DOB: August 8,1965
EMAIL: johnnyvideo (at) johnnyvideo dot net – Representation: None

Voice Actor
Non SAG, Non AFTRA, 
Non Union

Voice Over Professional

Johnny Video Voice Services: Voice Talent/Owner
Smart Mark Radio On Air Talent: January, 2011 – Present

Skill Set

Select Celebrity Voice Impersonations: (60-80 Overall) Alec Baldwin – Antonio Banderas – Barack Obama – Casey Kasem –Charlton Heston – Don LaFontaine – Duane “The Rock” Johnson – George Noory – George W. Bush – George Takei – Ian McKellan – Jason Statham – Jesse Ventura – Kelsey Grammer – Kevin Conroy – Leonard Nimoy – Matthew McConaughey – Morgan Freeman – Patrick Stewart – Regis Philbin – Ricky Gervais – Sam Elliott – Stone Cold Steve Austin

Dialects: American, Authoritative, British, Middle Eastern, Spanish
Male Adult, Male Senior Citizen
Original Character Voices

Film: Journey To Mt. Fuji (2012) – Uncle Mozzak (Voice)
Film: Cheery Point (2012) – The President (Voice)

Legends Radio with Evan Ginzburg & Dr. Mike Lano: Guest: July 2010, March 2011, March 2012

Barack Obama (Voice) – Newt Gingrich 2012 Presidential Election Campaign Video; Radio Commercial for Indiana Republican Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock, Attorney General of Anguilla James M. Wood, Featured on FOX News Channel, etc.

How To Do Celebrity Voice Impersonations by Johnny Video– Published: July, 2010.


Rates & Inquiries

Hiring Info, Rates, Contact Info and Bio & CV/ResumeINQUIRIES: If you want to inquire about an audition or hire Johnny Video for your voiceover, Johnny will want to see your script with his parts highlighted, need to know if your gig is for private or professional use, which of his voices you are wanting (or how many different voices he needs to do in the script), how soon it needs delivered, and if all you need is just a dry read of the voiceover or if he needs to do the editing for you as well. Be prepared to answer any and all of those questions, and make sure your script is well written and punctuated, and remember, you are writing for ears, not eyes – spelling is nowhere near as important as phonetics with names of people and companies.

RATES: If you are truly trying to nab a well-known celebrity for your project, more often than naught, the celebrity you want is either unreachable or carries a high price. Johnny gives you the celebrity voice you want, without the hassle and cost. If you need Professional Voice Over Services, Johnny Video’s rates are typically between 10-80% less than what you will pay with other voice over professionals. Additionally, if you think you’re getting the best “deal” through a talent agency, or Fiverr, you’re sadly mistaken. All you are accomplishing is paying an extra 20% or more for a middleman fee. But it’s your money. You found me here. Save yourself the 20% and stay here. All you will need is a Paypal account.



If the contact form doesn’t work, or if you need to attach a script (.doc, .txt or .rtf only please)
you may use johnnyvideo [at] johnnyvideo [dot] net


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