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Commercial Voice Over Services


Commercial Voice Overs

Commercial Voice OversThough a good number of Johnny Video’s voice overs are done in his own voice for radio commercials, film, radio, television, movie trailers, narration, video games, phone apps, phone prompts, radio station imaging, and other types of promotional voice overs, as a person who is adept in Celebrity Voice Impersonations, your project can also be given a ‘twist’, whether it is indeed as a celebrity replacement, or with Dialect Voices or Character Voices. Commercial samples can be heard on the Voice Demos page. Below is some recent feedback.


Hiring Info, Rates, Contact Info and Bio & CV/Resume

Hiring Info, Rates, Contact Info and Bio & CV/ResumeINQUIRIES: If you want to inquire about an audition or hire Johnny Video for your voiceover, Johnny will want to see your script with his parts highlighted, need to know if your gig is for private or professional use, which of his voices you are wanting (or how many different voices he needs to do in the script), how soon it needs delivered, and if all you need is just a dry read of the voiceover or if he needs to do the editing for you as well. Be prepared to answer any and all of those questions, and make sure your script is well written and punctuated, and remember, you are writing for ears, not eyes – spelling is nowhere near as important as phonetics with names of people and companies.

RATES: If you are truly trying to nab a well-known celebrity for your project, more often than naught, the celebrity you want is either unreachable or carries a high price. Johnny gives you the celebrity voice you want, without the hassle and cost. If you need Professional Voice Over Services, Johnny Video’s rates are typically between 10-80% less than what you will pay with other voice over professionals. Additionally, if you think you’re getting the best “deal” through a talent agency, or Fiverr, you’re sadly mistaken. All you are accomplishing is paying an extra 20% or more for a middleman fee. But it’s your money. You found me here. Save yourself the 20% and stay here. All you will need is a Paypal account.


Customer Feedback

“Better than I could have ever imagined…. Cant wait to finish this up.. I’m not going to sleep tonight. If you’re looking for voiceover, LOOK NO FURTHER… He will turn your dreams into reality..”

“You are truly amazing! I am overly satisfied with your work and your customer response is 1st class. Thank you so much for making this project much easier for me.”

“Outstanding voice talent – highly recommend.”

“Thanks Johnny. This is great! I’ll be in touch with similiar orders for you soon!”

“Absolutely the best! I’m using this as a voice mail message and I guarantee you people will laugh and love it. Will definitely come back for more!!!!”

“Another excellent piece of work. Thank you!”

“Johnny, I am blown away by your work my friend. Thank you, Shaun.”

“Excellent work. Extremely high quality voice over and one of the fastest Fiverr deliveries I’ve experienced; had it completed within hours.”

“That was absolutely brilliant. Best money I’ve ever spent.”

“Great impersonation, You Rock! Again.”

“Johnny Video does GREAT work! I highly recommend him for his talent, his speed, and his professionalism.”

“Sounds great! Perfect the first time out! Thank you so much, JV!”

“More than excellent … superb! Thanks for the authentic soundalike. You certainly can ‘walk your talk’. Watch out for – launching real soon.”

“Wow! This was VERY impressive! I’m a repeat customer, and I think this Gig is arguably your best work yet! Thanks again!”

‘Fast, great service with just the voice I am looking for – Great Job.”

“2 Words. Freaking Awesome!”

“Another Perfect Job!”

“This the best!!! I highly recommend using JohnnyVideo. Very fast- and very professional.”

“Excellent person to work with. Johnny is very conscientious about his work, is professional, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him, and intend to use him for future work.”

“This is very good. I would recommend Johnny Video’s Gigs to anyone in need of good voice over work!”

“Great communication. Johnny’s delivers a great range of voice acting styles. Excellent production in sound, very very crisp and clean. I highly recommend this gig for anyone looking for a professional to do their voice over. If in need, I will be sure to contact Johnny again!”

“Thanks for this great original voice work, Johnny Video!”

“Truly professional! Truly Fantastic – And HIGHLY recommended. Really over-delivered and fulfilled just as promised and MORE…I highly recommend. Looking forward to doing more business!! TRULY ONE OF THE BEST BY FAR!! Thank YOU!”

“EXCELLENT!! Exceeded my expectations by a mile. Will definitely look for more gigs to send your way!! Absolutely outstanding!”

“One Word! AWESOME! Thanks so much! This guy is unbelievable! Very professional, very reliable, very generous and just very good!”

“Made my dream a reality… Because of JohnnyVideo, I’m now closer to my dreams… Thanks a million.. If you need voice over, I’m telling you; this is your guy… great communication and very professional!’

“Wow so you did two things, you completed my order 5 days early,, and you got Morgan Freeman to record a voice note for me? Thanks!”

“Very good experience! JV is professional and prompt! Thanks again Johnny!”

“I ordered a second Gig and again I have been thoroughly impressed. I stand by my feedback, this guy is amazing, delivered great results, on time, best experience I have had on Fiverr. Great gig.”

“This guy is amazing, delivered great results, on time, best experience I have had on Fiverr. I will be coming back for more and strongly recommend his work.”

“Excellent work by a true professional. Fast, efficient and very good work.”

“Man, I have been searching FOREVER trying to find someone who could ACTUALLY do an Obama impersonation. Not just say they can. Johnny, you are the real deal. No joke. Thanks man. You knocked it out of the park on this one.”

“The kindness and flexibility extended from the seller can without question requires this to be ONLY a rating of positive. Be sure to contact him prior as he request. His work is spectacular and without question beyond my expectations!”


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