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Johnny Video Voice Impersonations

Johnny Video Celebrity Voice Impersonations

Johnny Video – Voice Actor, Radio Host & Celebrity Voice Impressions

Contact Johnny Video Celebrity Voice ImpersonationsJohnny Video is a voice actor, who specializes in voice overs in the mature, distinguished, male 40-60 range, however, he is widely regarded as one of the best celebrity voice impersonators in the world. Johnny has done voice work in film (Journey To Mt. Fuji – 2012Cheery Point – 2012), and serves as the weekly on-air host for Smartasses Radio, the comedy podcast from Smartasses Men’s Magazine. Johnny has also done voice acting and voiceovers worldwide for hundreds of videos, commercials, video games, movie trailers, and apps.

Johnny is best known for his President Barack Obama voice impersonations for which he has been featured nationally on FOX News, and has done personally for Congressman Newt Gingrich, Senator Richard Mourdock, and several other American politicians and world diplomats. Johnny has close to 100 different voices in his arsenal.

Johnny Video’s Bio, Resume and Contact Page.




Celebrity Voice Impressions

To name just a few, Johnny does Celebrity Voice Impersonations of Barack Obama, Morgan Freeman, George W. Bush, Don LaFontaine, George Takei, Patrick Stewart, Kelsey Grammer, Clancy Brown, Ian McKellen, Liam Neeson, Sean Connery, Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin, Corey Burton, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and roughly 70 others, including cartoon & character voices such as Krusty The Clown, Batman, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the entire male Cast of Seinfeld, and many others. Johnny also specializes in different dialects, such as Middle Eastern, Cowboy/American or British Dialects, which can be found on the Dialect & Character Voice Impressions page.


Voice Acting & Commercial Voice Overs

Johnny Video is an accomplished voice actor, experienced in: Animation Voiceovers, Promotional Voice Overs, Radio Commercials, Narration, Voicemail, Power Point Presentation Voice Overs, Phone Prompts, Movie Trailers.


Voice Demos

Some of Johnny Video’s Celebrity Voice Impersonations, Voice Acting Reel, Cartoon Reel, Commercial Voice Overs, and other voice samples.


Hiring Info, Rates, Contact Info and Bio & CV/Resume

Hiring Info, Rates, Contact Info and Bio & CV/ResumeINQUIRIES: If you want to inquire about an audition or hire Johnny Video for your voiceover, Johnny will want to see your script with his parts highlighted, need to know if your gig is for private or professional use, which of his voices you are wanting (or how many different voices he needs to do in the script), how soon it needs delivered, and if all you need is just a dry read of the voiceover or if he needs to do the editing for you as well. Be prepared to answer any and all of those questions, and make sure your script is well written and punctuated, and remember, you are writing for ears, not eyes – spelling is nowhere near as important as phonetics with names of people and companies.

RATES: If you are truly trying to nab a well-known celebrity for your project, more often than naught, the celebrity you want is either unreachable or carries a high price. Johnny gives you the celebrity voice you want, without the hassle and cost. If you need Professional Voice Over Services, Johnny Video’s rates are typically between 10-80% less than what you will pay with other voice over professionals. Additionally, if you think you’re getting the best “deal” through a talent agency, or Fiverr, you’re sadly mistaken. All you are accomplishing is paying an extra 20% or more for a middleman fee. But it’s your money. You found me here. Save yourself the 20% and stay here. All you will need is a Paypal account.


More Services

Funny Voicemail Messages

Celebrity Voicemail GreetingsFor birthdays, holidays or as an outgoing message for incoming callers on your own voicemail,, Johnny Video does Celebrity Voice Impersonations for personalized fifteen-second $5 Celebrity Ringtones, Celebrity Mail Alerts &  Celebrity Voicemail Greetings in mp3 format. As a sample, here’s JV’s Barack Obama Birthday Voicemail Message done for the Attorney General of Anguilla.


Prank Phone Calls

Prank Phone CallsNot unlike the Funny Voicemail Messages above, Johnny Video also offers completely personalized fifteen-second $5 Prank Phone Call Messages, designed exclusively to mislead the person into believing that their favorite celebrity accidentally called them- which you can leave on the voicemail of an unsuspecting adversary at the appropriate time. JV has recorded a few Free Prank Calls as well.


Original Comedy Sketches

Original Comedy Sketches - Tattoos TerritorySome of Johnny Video’s Original Comedy Sketches, written for Smartasses Online Magazine and Smartasses Radio. These are not only chock full of Celebrity Voice Impersonations, but have an occasional Original Character Voice thrown as well. If you remember the days before YouTube when comedy albums were all the rage, you can consider this a virtual, Johnny Video Comedy Album that is constantly being updated.


Multimedia – Videos, Radio, and Interviews

Johnny Video Celebrity Voice Impersonations - MultimediaThe Multimedia Section contains a small archive of Johnny Video’s Radio Interviews as a guest on critically acclaimed talk radio shows, and those that he’s conducted as the current host of  Smartasses Radio and Smart Mark Radio. Additionally, you will also find a few videos which JV has written, acted and produced for Smartasses Politically Incorrect Online Magazine, as well as a few other favorites which he was hired to voice.

Customer FeedbackIf you are interested, here is some recent Customer Feedback.


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